Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating requirements for running Molly?
Molly is a server-side architecture and requires Apache 2, PHP 5, and a database. Standard installation of Molly requires configuration via Apache's .htaccess mechanism, however experienced web developers can use alternate configuration techniques. Molly is developed under MacOS X with MySQL. is a Linux system.
Is there an installer for Molly?
Previous versions of Molly had an installer, however the current beta of the new architecture does not. Installation is relatively simple and explained in the Webmaster Manual.
Is Molly still used used in Health Care?
As part of both the undergraduate and graduate Medical Informatics programs here at RIT (and URMC) Molly is used as the back-end of the Project Galen tablet-based Electronic Health Record that students build as part of their coursework. Project Galen is also open source and will be available for free when it is ready for more widespread testing.
Can I use Molly to build commercial sites?
Yes. Molly is open source and free and has no restrictions on use.
Can I pay you to build and/or support a Molly site?
Yes. Dr. Vullo is available on a consulting basis. He also often has student workers available as well.